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Urban Car

Structured design process. The early stages of the design process are the most determinative for a product’s design. Ideas and concepts developed in these early phases are the blueprints for the final product. Yet in many cases this stage is hardly coördinated or structured.  As the majority of design methodologies will tell us, these early [...]

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The evolotion of the loud speaker.   In the course Evolutionary Product Development the evolution of the loud speaker was analysed. This includes the history as well as the product phases of the loud speaker (Eger, A. O, Evolutionary Product Development, Den Haag, 2007). The analysis showed that the speaker is currently in the segmentation [...]

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A concept for an electric car.   This case of designing a concept for an electric car was used for trying out and learning to sketch with a sketch tablet. The process lacks depth, yet the results are quite nice.

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Bachelor Graduation Project

Bachelor Graduation Project. The graduation project for my bachelor was to design a new stool for beauticians with key points design, functionality and ergonomics.   Result from a survey among the target group showed that almost 50% of the users suffered from physical complaints due bad seating. Keeping an eye on the right ergonomic measurements [...]

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A modular bicycle parking. The assignment was to design a modular bicycle parking, containing the following modules: a basic module in which bicycles and scooters can be parked, a second module containing a charging point for electric bikes and a multifunctional roof as third module.   For the final design of the bicycle parking has [...]

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