The evolotion of the loud speaker.


In the course Evolutionary Product Development the evolution of the loud speaker was analysed. This includes the history as well as the product phases of the loud speaker (Eger, A. O, Evolutionary Product Development, Den Haag, 2007). The analysis showed that the speaker is currently in the segmentation phase. The design of the speaker is about making the next (small) design step towards the next product phase of the speaker, which is the individualisation phase.

The main question is how the first step towards individualisation can be made. To answer this question you need to know why people buy certain speakers in the first place. Is it the sound quality or the appearance? It is easy to say that sound quality comes first, yet appearance is nowadays also very important. This brings up a next question: Why do people choose for certain sounds qualities? In other words: What defines the sound people like? You can say that the sounds people like are highly related to musical preferences. Each music style requires a different sound type. Some style require more bass, others some more mid tones. But with buying speakers online the user is not sure if the speaker has the properties required for his music type. This does not mean that his favourite music is poorly displayed by the speakers, but there is room for improvement.

This gives a starting point towards individualisation. By developing a speaker which is adjusted to a certain music type, Teufel can respond to the user’s needs. By using one standard design and configuring this design into five music styles, Teufel can easily add a first touch of individualisation to the speaker. The configuration will comprehend appearance as well as sound type. The sound type can be adjusted by using a different type of isolation on the inside of the speaker and a different construction of the bass reflex port. This means that the overall sound of the speakers will be very similar, but if you compare the speakers one by one, you will hear a small difference. The user can choose the speaker he thinks will fit his musical preferences the best. The five music styles are HipHop, Techno, Classic, Jazz and Rock. These types are chosen because these styles cover a great part of the music industry.